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Good Choice Kitchen

For 10 years, Chef Laurie Gershgorn, founder of Healthy Culinary Creations, has brought healthy meals to families throughout Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. As consumers learn more about the importance of eating healthy, natural food, demand for Laurie’s personal chef services and other convenient meal options has skyrocketed.

So, in January 2017, she opened Good Choice Kitchen in Ossining NY. Private clients can still enjoy their weekly meal plans, while locals and commuters dine in the café or carry out freshly made meals, or stop by for a Grab N Go item out of the fridge. Catering and cooking lessons also available.

Laurie Gershgorn – Chef, Food Educator, Nutritional Consultant

Chef Laurie GershgornTrained at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City, Laurie has worked as a private chef since 2007.  Using her culinary skills, and knowledge of food, nutrition, and the physiology of the body, in concert with holistic nutritional theories and modalities, she helps her clients achieve wellness through the power of whole, real food, consumed as part of a customized, balanced plan. She empowers them, no matter their age or stage of life, to realize their own potential for following a healthy lifestyle based on their individual needs.

Chef Laurie, a longtime advocate and supporter of local farming and sustainability, has also taken her talents to local school districts where she is actively involved in working to reverse the current school food debacle, by introducing fresh, healthy meal alternatives.

Our Food

The quality ingredients at Good Choice Kitchen follow pretty strict guidelines; they are organic, sustainably grown, seasonal, local, and whole. We are proud of our transparency and will continually share and update our sourcing information.

We take pride in being able to serve those that follow special dietary needs. If you do not eat certain ingredients due to food allergies, intolerances or disorders – no problem here. Our menus are built with this in mind.

Organic/Sustainable/Bio-Farmed – If not certified organic, we accept Certified Naturally Grown or the Northeast Organic Farm Association (NOFA) NY Farmer’s Pledge. (These are farmers or processes that follow organic growing principles but have not gone through government certifications.)

Local – Grown within 100-150 miles, expanding from Maine to Florida for some months of the year. There are some items, such as olive oil, sweeteners, condiments, grains, seeds and beans, that do come from farther areas of the country or world. However, we use the most ecologically-friendly ways to ship and deliver, and look to the USA as the first choice. It is amazing how many of the items listed above we can procure right here from NY that are organic!

Non-GMO – Nothing containing genetically modified ingredients.

Fair Trade – Farmers, processors, and purveyors committed to fair labor practices.

Natural – No artificial or chemically-derived ingredients. Our ingredients come from the earth, not the laboratory.

Pastured, Grass Fed, Organic, Non-GMO feed –For dairy, eggs and animal products. We also strive for non-corn/soy feed, whenever possible.

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I’m passionate about the power of nutrition in sustaining health, preventing illness, and healing the body. Clients tell me they save time and money by shopping less, experience a wider range of tastes, and are better able to balance busy lives and better food. I hope that parents, professionals, children, students, seniors and everyone in between will be inspired to love the food that’s good for them, and enjoy better health through the Good Choice Kitchen. — In good health, Laurie

Good Choice Kitchen

147 Main St, Ossining, NY 10562
Mon-Sat 8am-7:30pm
Closed Sundays
Kitchen closes at 6:30pm