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Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly meals plans are Ideal for individuals, couples or families, and the elderly or housebound, anywhere in Westchester County, New York.

Enjoy farm fresh foods, customized to the specific dietary needs of your family. Meal plans are available for 1-7 days per week, on a long-term or short-term basis, and can be picked up or delivered. All you have to do is follow the heating instructions and set the table!

Meals are prepared by professional personal chef Laurie Gershgorn in the Good Choice Kitchen.
To get an idea of the of delicious, healthy foods you can expect, check out this week’s menu.

To Get Started:

  1. Click here to submit an inquiry/intake form
  2. Chef Laurie will contact you (usually within 24 hours) to review specifics
  3. You will receive a menu proposal to review

Plan Maintenance:

  • Once you accept, you will receive or pick up your meals on the same day each week.
  • Selection and quantity will be based on the specific dietary needs of your family.
  • Selections vary week to week and will include seasonal items.
  • By Friday of each week, you must choose your meals for the following week.
  • Payment can be made via check, Paypal or automatic payment plan.
  • There is no contract or time commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my food?

Food can be picked up at Good Choice Kitchen in Ossining, NY or delivered right to your door depending on your location.

How much food should I expect to receive?

Amount of servings are based on number of people, quantity of dishes, and variety desired, which is worked out after the intake form and phone consult with Chef Laurie.

Will my food stay fresh for the week?

Yes. Ingredients are very fresh, and we have not heard any complaints from clients about food spoilage.

Can I sign up for a meal plan for a short period of time?

Yes. Sometimes you need a short term meal plan while dealing with an illness or injury, or for other reasons. We are happy to accommodate you. Submit the inquiry form and we’ll get started.

What happens if I need to take a break, or cancel?

There is no contract, or time commitment. You can elect to put on hold, or cancel at least one week before your pick up or delivery day.

I noticed the menu is plant-based. Is there an option for meat?

Yes. Weekly Meal Plans can include animal products when necessary.

How much does this cost?

That depends on how many dishes, servings and container size you choose. Clients tell us they save time and money on this plan, as they don’t shop as much.

Do you cater events?

Yes, check out our Catering page.

Other questions? Call us at  914-930-1591

I’m passionate about the power of nutrition in sustaining health, preventing illness, and healing the body. Clients tell me they save time and money by shopping less, experience a wider range of tastes, and are better able to balance busy lives and better food. I hope that parents, professionals, children, students, seniors and everyone in between will be inspired to love the food that’s good for them, and enjoy better health through the Good Choice Kitchen. — In good health, Laurie

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Kitchen closes at 6:30pm