We have permanently closed the Good Choice Kitchen Café. We are truly grateful for all who have walked through our doors to eat, drink, learn, and share during these 5+ years in Ossining.

Especially grateful to those of you who have been consistent customers that have kept us going. We hope we have made a difference in your life, you did in ours.

Our Food & Drink

100% Whole food, plant based vegan menu 100% of the time.

  • We use organic, sustainably grown, seasonal, local, non GMO, fair trade, whole ingredients.
  • Food as nature intended. No artificial or chemically-derived ingredients. Our ingredients come from the earth, not the laboratory.
  • Items such as sweeteners, condiments, grains, seeds and beans, that do come from farther areas of the country. However, we use the most ecologically-friendly ways to ship and deliver, and look to the USA as the first choice. We are proud of our transparency and will continually share and update our sourcing information.
  • We offer local and sustainable vegan wine, beer & hard cider, in addition to our juice & smoothie bar
  • The café is a combination of table dining and take-out.
  • The extensive menu is a seasonal one, and changes quite often.

We take pride in being able to serve those that follow special dietary needs. Our customers are pleased to discuss their food allergies, intolerances and avoidances, and are confident in our ability to fill their special orders.  

One of the “greenest” businesses among those in Ossining, by eliminating plastic, using paper and compostable packaging, these are just some of the many elements of our green business model to keep our food fresh and clean.

Laurie Gershgorn – Chef, Food Educator, Nutritional Consultant

Since 2007, Chef Laurie Gershgorn has brought healthy meals to families throughout Westchester County and NYC as a personal chef. 

So, in January 2017, she opened Good Choice Kitchen in Ossining NY. Private clients can still enjoy their weekly meal plans, eat in or take out menu, cooking classes, and catering services.

The open kitchen area of Good Choice Kitchen café is the first thing you see walking in, and it is its heart. The energetic chef behind the counter, exuding contagious joy, is its soul. Laurie Gershgorn’s food journey to her organic restaurant in Ossining is a long and happy one. Some of her earliest memories were as a six-year-old in Brooklyn, cooking Sunday dinners with her large extended family. After college and a career in the TV industry, Laurie decided to stay home with her own growing family. That was when her interest in nutrition and health issues, as well as alternative medicine and illness prevention, began.

Eventually this lead her to New York City’s Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, where she enrolled in their chef training program. Now she was able to combine her passion for illness prevention and wellness through nutrition with her professional chef training. After several years as a personal chef and caterer, she made the decision to establish what she called “a central kitchen location,” which became Good Choice Kitchen café.

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